Happy Chinese New Years 2014 ~ Happy Spring Festival 2014


From the Financial Math Interns:

"2014 is the year of horse in China and the date of spring festival this year is Jan 31st. (the first day of Chinese new year)

Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, is the most important traditional festival in China. It begins on the first day of the first lunar month (usually in late January or early February) and ends on the 15th day of the first lunar month (Lantern Festival).

Chinese New Year is a time for families to be together. Celebrations include having annual reunion dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve, setting firecrackers, giving lucky money to children, ringing the New Year bell, sending Chinese New Year greetings, dragon and lion dancing.

What will our NCSU financial math students do to celebrate it? Please look forward to our next post!

Happy spring festival to everyone!"

-Yi, Yizhou, Xun and Priya

CME Group Trading Challenge

"Financial Mathematics students at North Carolina State University will attend the CME Group's Trading Challenge.

CME trading challenge is an annual competition and the number of participates grows each year. There were 320 teams from 26 countries in 2013. The challenge will last four weeks in a simulated trading environment on a real-time professional trading platform, and it will provide resources and opportunities for students to get hands on experience of trading derivatives in the financial market. Graduate students will trade a variety of CME Group products from multiple classes. The trading contracts include futures of agriculture, energy, metal, equity index, interest rate and foreign exchange rate. The team who accumulates the highest trading account balance in the final round can get bonus at the end.

There will be two teams participating the trading competition this year. Each team can choose one advisor to provide professional suggestions in the process of the challenge.

Taking an active role in trading competition is a kind of practical trainings in NCSU financial mathematics program. Different from mathematical modeling in usual classes, students in the program will utilize the trading challenge opportunity to practice beating the market combined the knowledge that they learned in usual classes. 

The upcoming practice competition round is around the corner. We all look forward to impressive performance of two teams in the trading challenge!”- Xun Ma 

To know more about the CME trading challenge, please go to the official website:


Xun Ma- May 2015 Graduate, Financial Math Intern  

Spring 2014 semester kicks off with SAS Alumni presentation

"Financial Math students at NCSU started this spring semester with gusto. After a relaxing winter vacation and eager to get back to studies, students had their first meeting with the Director of Career Services, Mrs. Leslie Bowman. In this meeting students were briefed about professional etiquettes and were given tips on how to engage potential recruiters in conversation.

These activities make the Financial Math program at NCSU unique. It is not just the interesting classes, the supportive professors but also the keen interest taken by the program in their overall development which attracts the best of students to the university.

The Director of the program, Dr. Jeffrey Scroggs leaves no stone unturned to give students exposure to the working of the real world of finance. As part of these efforts, Dr. Scroggs and Mrs. Bowman invited alumni of the program, working with SAS, to talk with students.

The session was interactive and carried valuable insight into the software industry. Alumni of the program like Mr. Albert Hopping are a valuable asset to the program, and are intimately involved in adding value to the program. Thus, graduate students of the Financial Math program get the best of both, academic and professional worlds."


SAS employee and NCSU Financial Math Alumnus, Albert Hopping, presenting to the class about SAS.


SAS Employees and Financial Math Alumni- Sara Meadors, Ling Xiang, Mark Jayne, Albert Hopping


Q&A networking session after SAS presentation



"With such a wonderful start to this semester, the students eagerly look forward the rest of the semester and the engaging activities that follow as a part of being a student of Financial Math at NC State."- Priya

(Post written by Priya Padher, Financial Math intern- May 2015 graduate)

Staying in contact with alumni

Rockefeller Center, NYC


On our last trip to New York City in October, 2013 for the annual IAQF Career Fair (http://www.finmathjobfair.org/), we got the opportunity to meet up with several alumni who work in the city. Keeping in touch with alumni is important for many reasons and we are glad to catch up on their latest news and career successes at Credit Suisse, JP Morgan Chase, Allianz, A.R.T. Investors, Centerbridge Partners, etc.

(Below left to right, Christian Wypasek, Jeff Scroggs, Leslie Bowman)


(Below left to right, Leslie Bowman, Jeff Scroggs, Stephen Zhou- 2002, Emmanuel Sanchez-2004)


(Below left to right, Miao Yu- 2008, Jeremy Smith- 2010, Jeff Scroggs, Leslie Bowman, Cheng Chen-2012, Xuan Fu-2013, Samuel Busch-2013)


We look forward to our next trip to New York and future alumni meet ups!